Thursday, May 31, 2012


feels like i went on sabbatical for a while there! it's been a bit nuts around here! with mostly good things. i could write a huge long post about each one, but after reviewing my recent record... probably not a good idea. so here's a quick recap:
- hank is starting a new business called trunk drivers (you can check it out and find him on facebook - i'm sure he would appreciate if you liked him on there too) which is keeping him busy in the evenings. it is set to launch next weekend. yeah trunk drivers!
- took beth to her first birthday party which she really liked, but i still think it was more fun for me than her
- i flew to memphis for a really awesome big national job interview/presentation which i didn't get, but hey, at least i was one of the final three to be considered
- took a promotion within my management company instead which i'm very excited about
- got back from intense memphis trip and left the next day for breckenridge where we met hanks family and spent 4 1/2 perfect days with them
- kids have been horribly sick over the last 10 days, adding to the chaos and broken routine
- still trying to finish editing a photo shoot from forever ago
- i am still unsuccessfully trying to get a solid workout routine in place

i can honestly say that i miss blogging, though, when i don't do it often. i seem to be lacking on the personal time to do that kind of stuff lately, and while that's okay, i still miss going through the pictures and picking which ones i'll put up, and getting a few stories and often random thoughts out there that i just want to say. it's therapeutic for me if i'm honest. and kind of a bummer that it gets put on the back burner at times. but you gotta do what you gotta do. right mamas of the world???

although i have found instagram to be a really good and quick alternative to blogging for sharing pictures and fun things. i would almost call myself an addict. almost...

for tonight, a picture of hyde and his dad playing - appropriately - superman.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

keeping up, or the lack thereof...

i am struggling to keep up lately. can you tell??? it's only been like 4 months since my last post... sheesh. home from work at 6:00, #2 fed by 6:20, dinner on the table for the rest of us by 7:00 if i'm lucky and IF i cook, #1 in bed by 8:00 which is often 8:30, feed #2 again, clean up dinner, get #2 ready for bed, sit for maybe 30 minutes, feed #2 one last time, and then it's time for bed. for all of us. and by then i'm wrecked. i don't remember it feeling quite so rushed with beth when i first went back to work, but i'm sure it was. mostly i struggle with dinner and getting something on the table that's both fast and healthy. it's hard and takes planning, and THAT i'm not always good at. i know it will get easier as they both get more self-sufficient, but right now it's just kind of hard. i don't feel like i have enough time in the day to accomplish what i need to accomplish to be a good wife and mother. hank is usually a good help and very patient with me - i adore him for that - anyone else would likely complain or kick me to the curb, but he's very understanding and gentle with me. i appreciate that about him. he is my saving grace.

work is kind of nuts right now, in a good way. i'm working on some big things there, some big changes, some good changes that will hopefully take place soon and be better for me and my family. but right now, it feels a bit chaotic and doesn't necessarily bring huge amounts of peace into my life. but it will get there. i know it will. more on that to come...

some pictures from our backyard on a beautiful day in april....

there is something about his expression in this picture that i LOVE.... even with the drool (which is constant)

and yes, we still cannot live without.... bunny.

also, to my dear friend trish.... i'm still working on your pictures!!! i'm sorry it's taken so long. :( i promise to get them to you soon....

ps: i'm also on instagram for those of you that are on it. (i just made the huge conversion to iphone this last week!) you can find me @lindsayvanorden

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

last weekend i took a million pictures of beth playing outside. the light was beautiful, and so was she. i just couldn't stop snapping. i'm not sure if it was the light, or the way her hair fell around her face that day, or the fact that i hadn't seen her all week because i'd been out of town, but there was something about her that was just stunning to me that day and i couldn't help but try to capture it and just freeze it in time. it was weird because there were also moments as i was doing this where it felt like i was looking at beth as a 17 year old. anyone else ever have that happen? you ever look at your little kids and somehow see pieces of what they'll be in 15 years? maybe i'm crazy. anyway, i haven't had time to get all of them together yet, but i also can't wait to share! so here are a couple from the day... i'll share more as i finish working on them.