Sunday, August 26, 2012


before we left for portland, hyde got a hair cut. mohawk is all gone. i think he was pretty torn up about that.... luckily, however, i was in charge of this one.

little guy was blonde under all that baby hair! and man, that smile just eats me up... scrumptious, that kid is. mmm,mmm...

the swing

my other beach pictures aren't quite ready yet, so those will have to wait a little bit longer. but i do have some photos from the wedding reception that i wanted to post. ironically, not of the happy couple, but still of a man who love his girl.

near the tent where the reception was held there was this awesome swing where beth and her dad spent a few minutes. they are so great together - he is so good with her. and that girl LOVES her daddy. i'm so glad i had my camera nearby to catch a few shots - they are some of my new favorites. i can't think of much that melts my insides faster than watching a dad play so sweetly with their little girl - especially when it's my man and little girl.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

sandy face

i love this picture for a number of reasons. first because i love messy, beachy, sandy hair, and i also love it for the sand on her face. if you just looked at this picture without it, it could have been taken anywhere. but the sand on her face tells you exactly where we are. and the smile that goes with it is a perfect expression for how she felt about seeing the ocean for the first time.... two words: hay day! girl went nuts. got lots of good pictures of our time at the beach that i will share later this week. but this one was by far my favorite. i had to share today.

where were we, you ask? well, we made the trip to portland this weekend to see my baby brother get married. to an awesome chick i might add. the wedding was beautiful. like, really beautiful. it was awesome. and after it was all said and done and the happy couple had left for their honeymoon, we headed over to the west coast in search of some good scenery and a beach to play on. we found both. and have since vowed that we'll get back there again soon, now that we have kids (rephrase: A kid) that is old enough to appreciate and enjoy it.

so, relatives near coastlines... here we come!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

back in the day

for a while there we had a little blow up pool in our back yard that beth loved to play in. we filled it straight from the hose, so even on really hot days when the water was fresh it was a little chill-ay. but after a day or so in the sun it warmed up and all of us would get in, even hyde. who, like his sister, happens to love water. good. this kid is in. so here are some pics from one of our hot sunny days spent in the pool in our backyard. (i almost sound rich....) you will note from the pictures below that these are pre-mohawk days. that's how old these are.... meh. at least i'm posting them. even if it is two months later...