Thursday, October 29, 2009

i swore i'd never do this, but....

if you want to find out what it is, you can check this out. if that's too weird though, i understand. and you can just call and ask me instead.
(not that the title doesn't give it away or anything....)

my favorite part is the legs and toes (right about the 2 minute mark).
and where it shows just the
spine and she looks like an amphibian.
it's starting to feel more and more real now. it's actually really scary.

but it's also the sweetest thing ever.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


not long after our fall drive, it got really cold. and made for pictures like this, and i was feeling like we got robbed of fall. the good colors and weather only last like 2 weeks until this happened!

it was so sad. the trees were totally frosted over, as you can see.
well, we finally had some nice weather again and even though we got a little bit robbed of some color (the cold weather ruined THAT), we still managed to have the perfect fall day on saturday.
well... mostly perfect.

first, we went to the park with the dog and spent some good quality time getting her some exercise. she hadn't been out for a while - she was SOOOOO excited. crazy dog.

on a side note: i had a stranger ask me about my baby while we were at the park. the first one. personally, i thought she was kind of bold. i mean, i'm starting to show and all, but i'm not THAT big. i thought it was a little sketchy for a stranger to come up and ask me when i'm having a baby. crazy oriental lady. oh well. secretly, i think i liked it.

and there was this one grove of tress that was this awesome orange. the rest were all brown and boring. but this bunch was awesome.

after the park we went downtown and ate pizza at beau jo's and had a delicious meal while sitting on the patio. and we shopped a bit and bought marley some treats that she could eat outside while we were in the stores. no pictures of this part. sorry.

and then we went pumpkin shopping. we picked up our wheelbarrow and headed out into the field. yes, my dreams of picking out a pumpkin from a real pumpkin patch were coming true on this lovely fall day.

much to my dismay, we didn't leave with any. look how horrible the pumpkins were! i was sooooooo disappointed. this is the only part that made the day not completely perfect.

they were ALL like that. the whole field!!!!
rats. well, at least the dog got a good ride out of it.

so then we headed off to the store....

and bought some apples.....

and some caramel....

...only to create the best and most scrumptious fall treat of ALL TIME!!!!

it was heaven.
(heaven has to be sung with a high pitched voice when you read that. because that's how i was saying it when i typed it.)

so we ate them while we watched a good funny movie (iron man), and just stayed in and relaxed for the rest of the night.

short of being able to go on a hay ride on this thing

and finding perfectly shaped pumpkins, it was the best fall day ever.

sometimes, fall rules.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

fall drive

hank and i took a fall drive not too long ago. lots of good canyons and mountain roads around here for perfect viewing, so i made him take me so i could take some photos with my awesome photo-taking skills. i think we missed the peak by about a week - a lot of the trees had already lost their leaves... nevertheless, some great scenes and nice views still to be enjoyed. it was a lovely afternoon trip. i love the fall.

Monday, October 12, 2009

it moved! i finally felt it move!

that's right, IT moved. hank and i were sitting on the couch watching tv,
when i felt the thing squirm or kick or wiggle or something! i looked over at hank
with wide eyes and said, "i think i felt it move!" i grabbed
his hand and put it on my stomach and just a couple seconds later,
it moved again and he said,
"yep, there it is..."
so the rest of the night i kept my hand on my tummy
just waiting for more and a while later it gave me a really nice kick (considering how small it is) and i got excited again, and remember thinking
"uh-oh, please don't be too wild and crazy in there because then you'll come out wild and crazy and even though i probably deserve wild and crazy, i don't think i'm ready for that."
and then after i thought that, that was it. and i haven't really felt it since.
and that was two days ago.
so now i worry - why aren't you moving? are you okay in there?! hello....

well, anyways. it was cool the first time. i'm sure it will happen
again soon. maybe i need to feed it some more sugar to wake it up.
would that be bad?

and ps: so i watched extreme homemakeover on saturday? and cried. like, tears going down my face cried. i think i am succumbing to the weepiness of carrying this thing around.
well it WAS a really good episode. it was for a marine who lost his leg and had 4 kids, i mean, come on.
still... i will NEVER watch that show with ANYONE now.
it was really embarrassing. luckily hank was at work.