Sunday, June 30, 2013

it's been a while

i feel like it's been forever since i've written anything. it has been forever since i've written anything. i miss it, in a way. life has kept me busy lately, and in a really good way. but it hasn't allowed for as much time for posting the way i'd like to. the kids and i have been taking full advantage of the summer, getting out and doing something nearly everyday. we've spent a lot of time in the water and all of our skin has turned nice and bronzy. it feels good. we go to the lake or the splash park a lot and have been to a pool with friends once or twice as well. we are spending good, quality time with friends (and cousins!) and have had lots of great playdates at various places and houses. the days go by a lot faster than i thought they would. they are full and fun and wear the kids out. they wear me out as well, but the adult interaction i get with the other moms is also refreshing and helps keep me going. 98% of the time, i am LOVING this whole stay at home mom thing. it feels so leisurely! it's hard work, but not coming home everyday and having to stress about picking up kids and getting dinner started at 6 and then kids in bed with some forced quality time somewhere in there... is awesome. i love that everyday is wide open, just waiting for us to decide what we're going to embark on that day. sort of like a choose your own adventure book! we can do whatever, whenever, with little to no limitation. it's awesome.

i admit there is usually one day during the week where the kids are asked to entertain themselves or get some extra tv time so that i can get some housework done, but with all the other days spent playing or on "field trips", i am 100% okay with that. it works for me.

the addition of leah hasn't been all that overwhelming - not like i thought it would be, i should say. she just has to be present everywhere we go, mostly, and as long as i make sure that happens i am smooth sailing. haven't forgotten her once yet! ;) she doesn't require a whole lot of attention right now, so just making sure she's there and fed is fairly easy (for now) and i can still manage the other two generally the way i used to. it never hurts to have an extra hand or pair of eyes around when you're outnumbered by kids, and that's come in most helpful at times during some of our excursions, but i'm not as intimidated to go out and do and be the way i thought i might be after having three kids. for now, it's still manageable and fun. tiring, yes. but oh so fulfilling. lots of happies and joy inside...

leah is still inconsistent with her sleeping, which is frustrating at times, given the other two were sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, but if things are timed just right, there is a small window early in the morning around 5:30 or 6 where i can get up and go for a walk which does wonders for me and our day. i'm always a little more chipper, a little more patient, a little more upbeat if i can get that walk in. it gives me time to gather my thoughts and gear up for the day in solitude, which i genuinely don't take for granted. that is sacred time, am i right ladies? it is so good for me and my soul, and consequently my kids souls too. amazing what a little down time can do before the chaos begins...

at any rate, some more recent photos. the real reason you all are here anyway... let's be honest :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013