Saturday, June 30, 2012

my time away

i spent the last few days in florida on a work trip. and while i have to say it was pretty incredible and definitely a luxury trip, i missed my kids and man more than ever and couldn't wait to get home. seriously, the trip was incredible. super motivating - the level at which the people i was surrounded by think and operate on a daily basis is so far beyond me, it was crazy. i just soaked it up and left wanting to reach higher and work toward being... THAT. it was so cool to be there. and it may have helped that i stayed at a beach front property. :) but by friday i was really, really anxious and excited to come home and find my three loves. truly, there is nothing better than coming home to them.

beth both won my heart and lost it tonight with two things...


beth: mom, guess what?

me: what?

beth: (with enthusiastic smile) i love you!

me: you love me?

beth: yeah, i love you!

(and my insides turn to mush...)


me: beth, can you please take your shoes off and go upstairs to get ready for a bath?

beth: no, mom. i don't want to take my shoes off.

me: beth, take your shoes off please. it's time to go up and take a bath.

beth: no mom. i don't want to talk to you anymore

me: you what? you don't want to talk to me???

beth: yeah. i don't want to talk to you mom.

me: (with giant sigh) you're two beth. you're not allowed to tell me that yet.

(and... i want to cry.)

other than that little episode, it was still a stellar day. we rode our bikes, played outside, got some housework done, went swimming at the lake, and met up with some friends for dinner. today as we drove along the lake's edge with the windows down, beth and i both with our hands out the window feeling the air rush by, i couldn't help but think how happy i was and what a beautiful life i lead.

florida? awesome.       home? untouchable.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

summer solstice

oh how i love the summer solstice.... the first official day of summer and the longest day of sunshine of the year. today was nice and cool, unlike the near 100 degree days we've had lately, and after work we spent the evening on a very relaxing leisure bike ride. we finally got a bike trailer for the kids, so we are making use of our awesome craigs list deal.

here are a few pics from beth's first birthday party (2 months ago. yes, i'm that far behind...):

beth and the birthday girl, caroline.

she loved this rocking horse and didn't really want to share with anyone.

and lastly, a couple of hyde and his funny self:

he also attended the party and was clearly entertained... good times had by all.

and now, it's time for bed. it's late.

good night stars. good night air. good night noises everywhere.

Monday, June 4, 2012


the four of us on our last day in breckenridge, and definitely the nicest too. it was windy most of the time we were there, often bringing on a chill that required a good jacket, but the last day was sunny and warm and gorgeous. i took tons and tons of pictures while in breck... i will try to share some of them here.

beth has mastered two new sayings lately, both of which i find hilarious. she has started saying "sure" to everything, and in perfect context, she knows that it means yes. and somehow the way she says it sounds so incredibly sophisticated - not like the lazies who slur it along with a shrrrr, but she puts emphasis on the "u" in the word and says it so nonchalantly, making her sound so grown up. or like she went to some smooth teach-you-how-to-be-a-lady school or something.

"beth, will you put your shoes on please?"


"beth, do you want to take a bath tonight?"


"beth will you please eat five more bites before i totally lose it and throw your dinner across the room?"


it cracks me up.

the other phrase is a bit longer. we were driving in the car one day and she suddenly spoke up over our rockin' music with "mom, i'm thinking about it"

"you're what?  you're thinking about it???"


"ok.... what are you thinking about?"

(long pause)

"i'm thinking about it"

"okay beth. rock on to thinking about it. i'm thinking about it too"

and now she tells me that all the time. where do these kids get this stuff?

i keep reminding hank he has to watch what he says these days....