Tuesday, February 19, 2013

be mine

my whole life i have never been a valentine's day person. the cheesy hearts, the pink plastered all over everything, the whole deal has never appealed to me. but for some reason this year, i was super into it. i was excited to make it exciting for my family, and boy did i have big plans. portions of my plan were a huge success and other parts... not so much. ie: the homemade fortune cookies with personal hand written fortunes inside that were going to be amazing ended up being a total bust. after 4 cookie sheet attempts with 32 cookies only 3 of which turned out, i threw in the towel and went with plan b: yogurt covered pretzels for the kids inside tiny little chinese take out boxes. those ended up being a big hit. so, ultimate success.

the successful parts were: making valentines with beth the day before for daddy, hyde and our daycare mom and kids. very fun. and also the really cute mail boxes in the dollar section of target to house the little valentine cards that she and i put together. and also, major success from hank :) a giant bouquet of beautiful flowers (that weren't roses - he knows me well....), some delicious chocolates, and an awesome new scarf (again, he knows me well). i was thoroughly impressed. even got me a card from the kids :) i probably should have done more than just homemade valentines and peanut butter chocolate hearts for him. thank goodness he's patient with me. i love you my dear...

from the mentioned festivities:

and is there anything more beautiful than the next four images.... i think not. my heart stops every time i look at them.

hyde slept through the festivities on 2/14, so he got his the next day. and so glad because i got the cutest pictures of him with way better light and in way better spirits. i may be a little biased...

if you're going to let me mom... don't mind if i do!

happy (late) valentines day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


finally, i am getting around to posting the pictures from my saturday with beth just a couple weeks ago. she cuddled with me in bed for a while, then jumped on it for like 20 minutes... one of her favorite things to do. (side note: wasn't that one of all of our favorite things to do as kids? i totally let her. because if i remember correctly, we were never allowed to jump on beds. but how can you resist? so i've decided that my kids can do it. if they fall off and get hurt, maybe they won't want to anymore. and if she's still doing it when she's 24, then hey, more power to her). then we went downstairs and made blueberry pancakes together, ate said blueberry pancakes which took up half of the morning, as most meals do these days (a whole separate post), danced in the family room, rocked out on the guitar, played chase around the kitchen, caught fake bugs in our butterfly net, played a match game, dress up and took pictures of each other all the while. here are a few: 

bunny, who we still cannot live without...

a little after noon, hyde woke up, and joined us for lunch.

man, kids rock. like, really rock.