Wednesday, November 7, 2012

halloween. 2012.

alright so it's been a week since this great holiday, and almost exactly a month since my last post. this last month has seemingly been very busy. i had lots of photo sessions in october, which was great, but also used up nearly all my spare time, and i am still behind with a couple more to edit. hence the tardiness of everything. nevertheless, here we are. i am happy to report that halloween was a major hit. like, MAJOR. beth was a little bee, and hyde was batman. well, we classify him as that because he wore batman pajamas. close enough for me.

beth had the best time ever. we finished up dinner and got dressed, and after snapping a few photos, i then told beth she had to wait until it was dark to go trick or treating. poor girl. it was torture. every 5 minutes, "mom, is it dark yet? can we go now?" and then i made her hand out candy for a little while before leaving a full basket on my porch and we ventured off into the crowded neighborhood with a couple of neighbor kids that beth likes, and who made it about 10 times more fun for her.

they ran up the first house and knocked on the door, and as they were waiting beth exclaimed, "i can't wait for they come!" and when they did, she appropriately yelled "trick or treat... thank you!!!" and then they all ran, ran, ran to the next house... she had the best time. it was such a blast. the weather was nice and warm after a 68 degree day, so no winter coats necessary. and we hit every house on both sides of our long street before coming back with full buckets and tired legs.

one of the best moments of the night was when the neighbor kid asked me if he could come to my house to sort his candy. oh yeah!!! you have to sort your candy - that's like, the best part of the night! inventorying and qualifying the loot from all the hard work! i had totally forgotten about that and got nearly as excited about that (the way i used to when i went trick or treating) as i did at watching beth run from house to house, thoroughly enjoying this newly understood holiday.

so they came back and spread out all the goods, going through each one and putting them into specific piles. beth, of course, just dove right in to the eating part - forget the sorting...  well, maybe that will come next year.

to this day, beth still asks me if she can go trick or treating again. it's hard to explain to a two year old that she has to wait a year for the holiday to come back around, and can't just put on her cute little bee costume any old day she wants to and run around the neighborhood expecting to get candy for it. (even though i would give her some any day of the year if she came to my door - she was that cute.) so i reverted to distracting her by telling her that santa has to come first. and that after santa comes we have to wait a long time and then we can go again.

know what her response was? "santa?! and he'll bring me presents? oh yeah!!!" i'm sorry, what? you remember santa? and yes. the answer to that is yes. the girl remembers santa. i was shocked. but frankly, it got me really excited about christmas. if halloween was this much fun, i can only imagine how amazingly stellar christmas will be this year.


i'm tempted to put my tree up early this year. maybe next weekend. tempted....