Wednesday, July 3, 2013

then there's this guy...

hyde and i have come along way in the last couple of months. leah turns 8 weeks today, and for probably the first four weeks or so did not bode well with old hyde. he was overly tantrumy (is that even a word?), and hit A LOT. he still likes to hit, but not nearly as much as before. and not leah, but me. he was a long way from being a mama's boy, in fact, quite the contrary. he would love on his dad all day long and go to him for EVERYTHING. funny thing was, he didn't even really acknowledge leah or seem to care that she was in the room, it was just his demeanor that changed. but a few weeks ago, he decided that he liked me again and we have resumed our "buddy" status. he likes to sit and cuddle with me or come to me when he's hurt or tired, or if he gets shy and feels like there is stranger danger. and ironically, his first word (other than mommy and daddy of course) was baby, after he decided to acknowledge her and realized that she is just a fleshy blob that sleeps on the couch most of the time rather than a threat to his cute self. he likes to "inform" me that she's crying by yelling "baby!" and often brings me her pacifier in an attempt to help out. it's very cute. he doesn't quite lay with her want to bond with her the way beth does, but we have definitely made some progress.

and as usually happens to the "old baby" when the "new baby" comes, he seems so big and grown up to me. he's huge! and so, so funny and playful. he has such an awesome sense of humor... always laughing and teasing. he likes to stick cheerios (or whatever we're eating) in different places on his face and then yells "mommy!" to get my attention and show me, and then cracks up at his own hilariousness before placing another cheerio in a new spot on his face and the process is repeated. he does the same thing with other objects and especially his pacifier when i'm changing his diaper, or especially loves to hide behind his hands and then yell boo! to scare me. he can be so dang cute! total joker. i love it. it's the banner coming out in him. ;) the kid is awesome. (when he's not hitting. or tantrumming. or pushing or taking toys or whining. then he's awesome.)