Thursday, December 15, 2011

you would think it was christmas morning.... but it wasn't.

this little rascal seems to wake up earlier and earlier every dang day. this morning she was up and ready to go at 5:30am. 5:30am!!! seriously?! yep, seriously. she was knocking at our door, so we told her to go back to bed. and she went, crying all the way, but at least she went, and 10 minutes later was back again. once she's knocking on the door, it means she's been awake for a while and is up for the day. no going back to sleep. honestly.... it's like, all of a sudden with this new bed, she can miraculously run off 3 or 4 hours less sleep each day. she goes to bed later, she wakes up earlier than ever, AND if i'm lucky, i'll get an hour and half nap out of her during the day. where she used to go to bed at 7:30 and wake up at 7:30 with a 2-3 hour nap during the day, now we're asleep by 8:30, awake and ready to go by 6:30 (or earlier) and an hour nap in the middle. what the heck happened? she's still great about staying in bed and sleeping all the way through the night no problem - i'll give her credit, but i have to say, i kind of miss those longer naps and earlier nights. somehow that all changed, literally overnight.

5:30am.... little rascal.

enjoying breakfast this morning before leaving for the day. we may as well, since we've been UP FOR 2 HOURS ALREADY...!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


that's beth for "LIGHTS!!!!"

she.goes.nuts. over them. it's hilarious! and has made our short drive home from work/daycare so much more interesting. to the point where she'll see lights on a house three streets away and yell "mights!"

so we often take the long way home and drive around the neighborhood, stopping in front of various houses that have dancing lights or moving reindeer or snowmen or an inflatable santa, and with her hands and nose pressed to the window, beth will point and say "whoaaaaa, mights!" while i sit in the drivers seat and gleefully egg it on with a giant smile on my face. i love that she loves it so much and is so entertained. and as we drive away she'll say "bye mights, bye mights" and wave her hand to wish them farewell. and not 3 seconds later is she squealing again and begging me to drive on. we've driven by the same houses day after day - with the occasional detour - and her excited level reaches a solid 9 every time. it's awesome.

it's funny... she saw an inflatable santa on the top of a shelf in a store aisle once a few weeks back and not knowing what it was she pointed to it and said "mommy, mommy!" so i explained that it was santa and we went about our shopping. three or four days later we saw another santa on a balloon or something totally random and she yelled, "mommy! santa!" and from then on she has pointed out every santa she can find or see. it's like she was born believing in christmas. girl after my own heart. we are having such a good time with it - i think it's awesome that she's so into it when she really doesn't have a clue what it all means or what's happening. it's like she innately feels the spirit of christmas and just knows that it means something good. do you think that's possible?

next weekend we're going down to the zoo to look at the zoo lights and i honestly can't wait to go. i can't wait to see her expression and watch her be surrounded by thousands and thousands of lights.

on another note, we're down to 5 weeks people. 5 weeks! went to the doc today, everything is feeling and sounding good. we have an ultrasound scheduled for the 28th to see if we can guess how big this kid is going to be when he comes out and if a natural birth is in my future. they told me if i go easy on the carbs and sugar it might help him from getting too fat. bad time of year to be telling me that doc. don't you know 'tis the season to eat your brains out???? sheesh. anyway, i'll be sure to share the pictures.


Monday, December 5, 2011


and this, my friends, is the sweet sight of success. after 8 days of learning, of the up and down, the interrupted nights, the getting past my fear of her rolling off the bed in spite of the rail guard, the late nights and long days, we finally made it. she goes to bed when it's time for bed, we no longer have to tell her to get back into bed, and she will put herself to sleep, just as she used to in her crib without a peep to be heard. it's amazing. or AMAZEBALLS as some i know like to put it. the only downfall is that she wakes up at 6:45 or 7am everyday, and comes into our room, now that she doesn't have to wait for us to get her. it's like clockwork, i tell you. no matter what time she goes to sleep, it's a guarantee that we'll get a knock at our door, or a small "mommy" that calls out in the wee hours of the morning. she used to sleep in some days. but nope, not anymore. clockwork. 7am everyday. but i'll take it if it means that bedtime is easy and not so much a struggle and we can all get a good nights sleep. i'm still not sure if we should take any credit (maybe we did something right?), or if she is just innately THAT GOOD. i tend to think it's the latter. i'm not getting my hopes up for the second one. well, maybe just a little bit...