Sunday, December 9, 2007

and then, there was light

what is this, you might ask...

why exactly is there a rope tied to your basketball hoop?

why is hank throwing it over the roof?
i'm so
glad you asked...

while i was busy in the kitchen, cooking up our turkey dinner,

hank was busy working on christmas....

christmas lights, that is.

it took some serious concentration...

all in the name of christmas lights

yep, it's not easy being the Griswalds of the neighborhood,
but somebody's got to do it.

we definitely had a hallelujia chorus moment.

it was beautiful.


jen prokhorov said...

ok, that's really funny. almost griswalds. looks good guys! but it was probably more like a hallelujah moment. . . (i just sang that at my concert tonight!)

the Kennedy family said...

wow, what a cool house, guys! good job with the lights. and the turkey! someday we'll have to come down and see the inside (of the house, that is!) :)

sara said...

WOW! good job RRRIIICCC.... just kidding! I wont use the "R" word
Looks great! cant wait to come see your house in January!