Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the big day

we had arrived. the day i had been waiting for for so long had finally come. the tickets were in my purse, we had our orange on, and boy were we fired up. fired up for my first bronco game ever.

and wouldn't you know, it happened to be a monday night game. and denver pulled out the big guns for this one. free pom poms, foam sticks, parachuters, the works. it's true our seats were on the 10th row from the top, but we swore they were the best in the house. we screamed our guts out.

hank won the biggest fan award. i almost got jealous.

this was the best anniversary ever. so far...

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the Kennedy family said...

how fun. we are so jealous! good for you guys, never stop celebrating those anniversaries. congrats on the big 3! it goes by so fast.