Thursday, January 17, 2008

let's paint

so one day, i decided i hated the colors of this room, and that i was going to paint it.

it was fun at first.

and i couldn't wait to brighten up the room with some new color.

oh man, here goes nothing....

i just needed to finish the top,

throw on some finishing touches,

and wha la, it's complete.

but hank hates it. so now i have to start all over again.


jen prokhorov said...

okay, let me teach you a thing or two about marriage. first, you're on to something, because you didn't get the color approved first. but secondly, you just wait long enough "oh, yes, honey, i'm going to get to that real soon. . ." and he will forget about it. at least long enough for you to want to change it again anyway. good job linds, you're ambitious!

jen prokhorov said...

oh yeah, the best is how you spelled VOILA. awesome. let's see, was it spanish you took in high school linds?