Monday, October 12, 2009

it moved! i finally felt it move!

that's right, IT moved. hank and i were sitting on the couch watching tv,
when i felt the thing squirm or kick or wiggle or something! i looked over at hank
with wide eyes and said, "i think i felt it move!" i grabbed
his hand and put it on my stomach and just a couple seconds later,
it moved again and he said,
"yep, there it is..."
so the rest of the night i kept my hand on my tummy
just waiting for more and a while later it gave me a really nice kick (considering how small it is) and i got excited again, and remember thinking
"uh-oh, please don't be too wild and crazy in there because then you'll come out wild and crazy and even though i probably deserve wild and crazy, i don't think i'm ready for that."
and then after i thought that, that was it. and i haven't really felt it since.
and that was two days ago.
so now i worry - why aren't you moving? are you okay in there?! hello....

well, anyways. it was cool the first time. i'm sure it will happen
again soon. maybe i need to feed it some more sugar to wake it up.
would that be bad?

and ps: so i watched extreme homemakeover on saturday? and cried. like, tears going down my face cried. i think i am succumbing to the weepiness of carrying this thing around.
well it WAS a really good episode. it was for a marine who lost his leg and had 4 kids, i mean, come on.
still... i will NEVER watch that show with ANYONE now.
it was really embarrassing. luckily hank was at work.


Sarah M said...

that first feeling was a love/hate thing for me. man i thought it was weird. but at the same time loved it. i can remember when i stopped feeling caroline for like a week. i was ready to hitup the e.r.
looking forward to tonight... 9ish?

JaneH said...

That first time is such a thrill...
Then it will start playing soccer at night and hicup all day. But even then it will be a thrill.

christine said...

i ALWAYS cry in extreme makeover. and i'm not even pregnant. it's just a good show. congrats on feeling the first kicks. that's the best part of being pregnant, I think. :)