Sunday, July 25, 2010

coming along

the deck is coming along. both quickly and not quickly enough.
the man is putting his heart and soul into this thing and he's doing a really, really good job.
after nearly a month's worth of work, we are making good progress.

and thank goodness i have a grandpa who knows a thing or two
about how to wire for lighting.

gramps, we owe you. you just saved us a few hun!!!
we'll have you up for a que when it's finished. :)

we thought about putting it off one more year, but i am so glad we didn't, despite already nearing the end of july. there is still plenty of time to enjoy it, especially after i talk hank into getting that fire pit he's already told me we have to wait on like, 100 times.

(please enjoy this aerial view)

i can't wait for this bad boy to get finished. the actual decking wood finally arrived this weekend after having to special order it and wait 13 days to get it. so just a few more days... just a few more days...
don't worry, you all are invited. we're not letting this summer slip away without a few parties on this thing. it is going to be awesome.

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Pugs said...

Can we fly Hank in to do our deck?? It is so awesome you guys are parents. I love you pics! Take care!