Thursday, August 19, 2010

i am home now, and i am happy.

we are all home together.

some things i missed while i was away:

marley laying around and hanks shavings all over the bathroom counter
(never thought i'd miss that)

bottles by the sink and seeing beth sleep sideways in her crib

cool vw vans around town and my unmade bed - yelling at me daily to make it

hank and beth survived okay in vegas without me - they had grandpa lynn and grandma mary to help take care of them. and even though hank was nervous, the plane rides there and back went without a hitch. she did great! slept most of the time.

he also took the camera to record her first trip, and then didn't take any pictures. so i don't have any to share. nice one dear. oh well. next trip...

houston was great... well, not really. it just really, really hot.
and very, very busy. but it's nice to be home with the man and babe.

our next trip will be an altogether one. and much, much better.


Troy said...

LINDSAY!!!! Long time no see, you have a gorgous baby!!! i have so much to tell you, hope all is well.
Troy Leishman

OnGod'sErrand said...

Traveling is glorious, but returning home to the simple pleasures is even better.
Glad you're back!