Sunday, October 17, 2010

the harvest

this weekend we hit up the ol' pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkins for our perfect jack o lantern idea. (just you wait, you'll be in awe with our "jack" concoction.) last year we hit up the pumpkin patch on halloween and there was nothing left. it was terrible. so this year we made sure to go early enough that all the good ones weren't taken. we found some real beautes.

it was actually a really cool scene: it was late in the afternoon, the air was warm and the sun just about an hour from setting. there were blue-gray clouds overhead, and they were just thin enough in the west that the light from the sun could shine through in spurts, casting a beautiful glow against the dark sky. it was awesome. it wasn't very crowded at all, and we headed out into the field with our red wheelbarrow to have our pick at the lot of them.

we let beth in on the action and made sure each pumpkin passed with her approval before putting it into the wheelbarrow.

wasn't long before she ended up in the wheelbarrow.

(who didn't see that one coming???)

i loved beth's interest (or non-interest) in the pumpkins, her often blank stare wondering what we were doing, checking out these large orange balls, inspecting every inch and tapping them to see how solid they sounded...

our harvest:

two weeks until these poor little guys get shanked. hank says they're going down. and trust me, they are. but their ill fate all in the name of becoming part of a stellar jack display. way cooler than ending up as a pie or something, right? :)

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