Sunday, October 24, 2010

letter to a friend

dear sjm,

i just wanted to tell you that i miss you friend. i really wish you still lived only a couple blocks away. we don't talk as often as we used to (probably my fault), we don't hang as often as we used to (okay both our faults), and it kind of bums me out. you get me. i feel like that's hard to do, but you do, and i wish our good conversations weren't so few and far between these days. i really hope you find a house and settle down soon - you'll at least be closer than you are now which will make it easier to see each other. i know you want to find one too... surely you're bound to find your dream house soon, right? you have to. in the meantime, can we please chat more often. i need your humor, your insight, your funny anecdotes, your rationale, and your encouragment. i just don't get that enough these days. btw, i found the perfect house for you - didn't wendy give you that flyer? the red one with all the land and barn and trees right there on 57th and taft? c'mon, it's perfect. with a capital P. and still in the ward boundaries. i'm sure there's no HOA there so nick will love it, and i'm pretty sure it's in your price range. what do you think?!

well anyway, just wanted to tell you that things just don't seem the same. not that i'm trying to make you feel guilty, don't get me wrong - i just miss the days of being able to jump in the car with beth on my lap, or throw her in the stroller and walk two blocks over to hang for a few and talk about... whatever. everything and nothing.

well, i will keep praying for you to find the perfect house. you will soon, i'm just sure of it. and let's try to grab some lunch or something in the next little while, ok? and fridays... we have fridays... there's got to be a story time or an art show or something going on that we could meet up and do. honestly. let's think about it.

later friend.

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Sarah M said...

Are you for serious? Brings a tear to my eye. You have no idea. Sorry I've been a less than stellar friend the last couple of months, I miss you greatly, too. It hurts. Change sucks. :)
I never saw that house but just looked it up and it is AWESOME! Too bad it is out of our price range AND under contrat. Rats!
I think we may be getting another house here real soon. We have an offer in, just waiting to hear back (in Greeley, sad face). But it will be awesome and I won't be THAT far away and if nothing else we will have Fridays even though, hopefully, I will not even be working once this place is ours (and hopefully you won't be working soon, too). Then when you don't work either, it will be on and the miles between us will not matter. Sound like a plan?
We have many many many fun days with our kiddos in front of us. I know it. Keep the faith. Don't let my lack of being a good friend deter you. I'm trying.
Thanks for making my day, week, month, year(?). I really needed it.
I'll call soon.