Sunday, January 2, 2011

i love this girl

she is funny. she is a pill. she is growing so fast. and she is a handful - and becoming more of one every day as she gets smarter and smarter and better and better at playing dumb. but even still she brings such joy to my soul and added purpose to my life. after taking the week off work and just being home, just being a mom for a whole week, i was reminded of this to an even fuller extent and remembered that i work so hard now so that someday i can be home all the time and not just a couple days at a time. such a rascal, this girl. but such a joy.

and so we open up a new year. and a good one it will be, i have no doubt. life is so good right now - hank and i are in such a good place, we have fun together, we laugh together, we love being together and to watch him with beth is the greatest thing on the planet. things only seem to get better and better every day. but as most do with a new year, i have resolved to setting new goals for myself. things that need to get done, things i want to get done, things i hope will make me a better person. break bad habits, instill better ones... the goal is to complete one every month this year. start them now, finish them then. i'm sharing my list so you all will help keep me in check. here goes:

january: finished that blasted crochet blanket
february: shake the last 10 pounds
march: find and learn how to make a flan cake that hank keeps telling me about
april: buy a new camera. a really, really nice one.
may: run a half marathon
june: take beth camping
july: hike a 14er
august: go to lake tahoe
september: read the book of mormon, all the way through
october: spend more time with my grandparents, good one-on-one time
november: remember to buy hank an anniversary card
december: finish paying off one of the big ones

now, i know that most resolutions made this time of year go unchecked, unfinished. not these ones friends. they are happening. i've set it in my mind that they will making it a pretty big year but i am totally up for it. and you? have you made some too???


JaneH said...

You go Girl...

I love your goal for October and would love to help you complete it.

OnGod'sErrand said...

You can do it! Those are totally attainable goals. Hang in there.
Love U!

Sarah M said...

april is camera month! hooray! i will be at your house the day you get it. :)
can i please join you for your june and july outings? oh and august, too?
miss you. bad.