Sunday, April 3, 2011


hank affectionately calls this picture: me, my girl, and the terminator

whoa. march is over. it seems like it came and went in the blink of an eye. but it was a really good, full month. spring/summer finally came and, as you can see, we managed to get out quite a bit. woohoo! we were a little worried beth wouldn't be havin it in her backpack now that she's mobile, but she loves it! it's awesome.

now that daylight savings is here we go on walks after work which i love. i love that i am getting time with my girl outside. winter is hard that way. winter kept us inside, and low on the ever essential vitamin d. i am so happy that the days are just getting longer and longer, giving us more time to play together outside on warm evenings.

we celebrated a special birthday and are still in disbelief at how quickly the last year has gone by. craz-i-ness. i'm starting to believe people when they say it only gets faster. i don't like the notion, i am just starting to believe it. we had a few friends over, ate mini cupcakes and watched little beth get excited over a couple small gifts. separate post and pictures of this event to come.

hank and i got to go skiing, which was epic (why in the world did we wait 4 years - and until after we had a kid - for that...?! honestly.) didn't get any pictures of this - really, really wish i would have - but now that hanks gone once, he's hooked and dying to go again, so i'm sure there will be other opportunities for that in the near future. yesssssssss!

and i'm getting a sales coordinator at work!!!! most of you have no idea what that means, but just know this: my life will be made 100 times better with this addition to my team at work. let me rephrase that: my life will be 100 times better now that i will have a team at work. i will no longer be the only person in my department. it's like having a super-assistant. i am so super stoked about this. to have help is going to be so rad. like, so rad. and as a result, i am also moving offices. my office is going to the coordinator, and i am going to a much larger office kind of far away. i get to pick out all new furniture and really make it my own. sweeeeet!!!

there are also buds on all the trees which makes me really happy. pretty soon everything will be green again! i am also considering myself a green thumb genius - after going 4 years with nothing being able to grow in our little flower bed out front, i finally have 18 tulip plants coming up and one of them even has a flower already budding through. again, an epic acheivement for the van ordens.

we all (and by that i mean beth and i) have finally gotten over our seemingly eternal colds, and back to our healthy selves again. thank goodness. we are all happier when we are healthy.

everyday, and particularly the days i manage to get outside and play, i think to myself how much i love fort collins. and how much i never want to leave. it is honestly the perfect place for us. it has exactly everything we want, everything we need, and our lives here are fantastic just so rich. and now we are getting a temple!!!! i cannot express my excitement at this announcement! our perfect place literally could not get any better now. i dread the day we have to leave. maybe we'll never have to....

ps: my favorite thing about today was: it was a windy day and as we were getting out of the car once hank said to beth, can you feel all that wind beth? tell mommy that i'm the wind beneath your wings....

so cheesy i wanted to DIE. yet it also left me totally cracking up.


JaneH said...

Lindsay, Love your posts, and the great pictures. Wonderful way for us to keep up with all your happenings. Love Ya

christine said...

We had sooo much fun with you guys! Thank you again for a great couple of days. We love coming to ft. collins! Love you guys.