Friday, June 3, 2011

a little trip up the mountain

a few weeks ago hank and i determined that our summer was beginning. sunshine or not. so we picked a hike to do one saturday and actually, despite there still being snow on the ground and temps a little cooler at the top, we had really good weather which we considered a bonus.

we set out on the trail, babe on back, marley running about and rolling in the snow, and super stoked just to be outside. now, let me also state here that we did start fairly late in the morning, got on the trail at about 9:30 or so, which 9:30=beth's nap time. so we weren't exactly sure how it was going to go. but she seemed in pretty good spirits, so press forward we did.

about 3/4 of the way up she totally crashed.

nice timing. we were so close to the top...

so we did what every good parent would do: just set her down and let her keep sleeping. it seemed like the right thing anyway, so we plopped her down and she slept while we ate some snacks and walked around the peak enjoying the view.

she woke up before too long, so we pulled her out and she joined us in our top-o-the-mountain fun.

this little girl rules. she totally loves to be outside. doesn't care if it's raining or windy or hot or cold... she just likes to be outside and i LOVE it. i like to think she got it from me, though hank and i both want to make sure all of our kids appreciate nature and the earth like we do and give them exposure to the peace and happiness that can be found by being outside with mother nature. i realize that might sound super hippy, but it's so true. we plan to take beth on her first camping trip this summer as well. tent camping even. dah dah dah (sang with deep and deafening sounds of doom) while many would rather gouge their eyes out with a straw before attempting this with a one year old, i have to say that am confident she'll do great. granted, i am giving her one trip to sort of whine and cry and figure it out, but in the end, i believe that regular camping will prevail. they never get used to it if you only go once right?

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