Monday, September 26, 2011

get ready.... because here it comes

today is going to be full of thought-puking. i'm just warning you now... there is a good chance this post is going to be random, with thoughts scattered from heck to breakfast, just spewing out through the keyboard. so feel free to bail out now if you're not up for it. also, i don't have any pictures ready to post, so it will be purely text. i know, boring. but it's all i got right now.

this morning was less than spectacular to say the least. kind of a rough morning. neither hank nor i slept well at all, beth woke up with the start of a cough that i am really hoping to suppress through a variety of supplements and nutrients that i'm going to force into her body, i couldn't find the keys to the car, and in the middle of it all, i knocked over an entire pitcher of orange juice on the top tier of my fridge which then trickled down to each shelf below and into a large puddle at the bottom. it was perfect timing since we were already running 15 minutes late. ultra fabuloso of a morning.

on a better note, we went to grand junction this weekend to see my sister in law sing at a festival. she's a professional bluegrass singer, and her band is awesome. it felt good to just relax, and sit in the shade of some big trees in a park in some tiny town that manages to throw this big festival every year. a lot of my family were there and beth got lots of attention and kisses from her cousins. i love to watch them play together. and i love that beth is entertained by people other than me. i'm pretty sure that she appreciates that also. the weather was genius, and it felt good to just get away for the weekend.

also, two (maybe three) hilarious things that were said this weekend that i have to share:

i was talking baby names with my cousin, and his wife and 4 year old daughter payton. in the middle of it, payton chimed in and said,

"if i have another baby sister i'm going to name her ho". it was classic.

my 5 year old nephew was with me and beth and he pointed to my baby filled stomach and said,

"here's a imaginary baby and (pointing to beth) here's a real baby!" and minutes later said to me,

"when is beth going to turn into a real little girl?" cracked me up.

the other one was really funny too, but will take too long to set up. so forget that one. sorry.

the leaves are just barely, barely starting to change in fort collins, but up in the mountains they were changing like crazy. it was beautiful, but i'm not sure i'm ready to fully embrace the fall yet. even though i had a slice of pumpkin bread at starbucks the other day, i still haven't fully accepted that the sun goes down by 7 these days. summer was so crazy and so fast this year, that i'm wanting a second chance at it. fall is coming too soon for me.

i've been wanting to say "oober" for everything lately. as in... "oober awesome" or "she's oober messy". who says that? don't ask me why the heck this word comes in my head. and don't worry, i haven't said it out loud to anyone yet. and it's really kind of annoying to me. where does oober even come from anyway? what does it even mean?

most days, i feel really good, and i love this part of being pregnant because people no longer wonder if i've just let myself go, they can tell i'm with child. and i LOVE to feel him move around and play tag with him. but lately, there are days where i swear i'm going to have a 20 pound baby. and still 4 months to go... i can do it.

and lastly. beth was a HUGE stinker the last couple of weeks. granted, she had some IBS for a few days, and all four eye teeth were coming in. so i don't blame her entirely. nevertheless, who likes a tantruming, screaming baby?! but her teeth have all cut through, she traveled great in the car this weekend, and despite wanting to be carried everywhere instead of walk around on her own two feet at the festival, we made out pretty good this weekend. she was a really good sport. especially for not getting great naps. she is awesome because most of the time (emphasis on most) she is champ when we really need her to be. ie: when we're out and about and traveling. for this, i am extraordinarily grateful. she is such a good girl.

and there you have it. i feel much better now. for those of you still here and reading, i applaud you. there was kind of a lot of junk in this post. thank you for sticking it out with me. better posts to come soon. no, seriously.

ps: jen, i miss you. i think you should come home for thanksgiving.

pps: kent. you never even thanked me for your birthday gift. didn't you like it? and you didn't reply to my oober long email (see what i mean?) before that. are you okay out there???

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o charm said...

you miss ME??? what just cause it was a long cool weekend with everyone there BUT ME??? hey, so why don't you come meet me in new york on oct. 12. mmmmm?????
i miss you too!!!!!