Sunday, September 11, 2011

the warrior dash

so this is the warrior dash. a 5k race on copper mountain that is basically not really a race, but a 5k obstacle course that you happen to get timed on. he and a couple good friends of ours did it together, climbing over walls with ropes and jumping off the other side, belly crawling through a mud pit, plowing their way through a jungle of hanging/swinging tires, jumping over fire and balancing their way across narrow boards. sounds intense, i know. hank said it wasn't as hard core as it sounds - there were tons of people doing it in costumes for crying out loud (see picture below). but he did say it was one of the funnest things he's done all summer. the mud and fire pits were the only parts of the race i could see, but as those are coolest parts of the race it worked out okay.

approaching the mud pit...

and whamo!

(don't mind sport photo guy...)

it was pretty awesome. they had a huge stage in this big grassy area with different bands that played all day long, food vendors to anyone's liking, and of course, showers for anyone that completed the race so that you could hang out for a bit and make a day of it without looking like a statue. so we stayed and listened to some cover bands, ate pizza despite the terrible service, and had ourselves a really good summer afternoon. and i'm definitely in for the race next year...

i should also give honorable mention to the parking lot guy who after we pulled up with zero cash, not knowing that parking was going to cost us ten bucks, with no argument gave us a pass, told us we had what we needed and sent us on our way. thank you, parking lot guy. you rule. we will certainly pay it forward. this slayer's for you...

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o charm said...

slayer for parking lot guy huh.
and i can't believe you still get to call these days "summer days."
sheesh, it's almost winter here.