Saturday, October 15, 2011

check out the new toy

our new toy was delivered today. and let me just tell you... i am excited. not because she's the prettiest thing you've ever seen and not because she's already in perfect working order. no. but because it's just the beginning of a long beautiful life together that started with a dream many years ago. i fell in love with these things back in the day (college) and have wanted one ever since. it just so happens that hank really likes them too. well, it finally happened. we got us a bronco baby. a '75 302 v8 beaut. she's a little rusty, but she's ours.

now before you judge me and get all crazy, let me just say a couple of things: #1) these things are freaking rad for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it's a big bad machine that is hard core AND that the top comes off. the number one reason i want it. because the top comes off and that makes for some amazing summer drives. #2) hank is selling his truck (know anyone who wants a '72 primer gray ford truck for a steal?). so no, we will not have two pieces of junk at our house, just the one. this is our new project and toy. and it's fantastic.

it wasn't really running when we got it, but it worked out perfectly that hank's parents are in town this weekend, so he and his dad kept their heads under the hood all day and got this lady runnin. a sweet, sweet sound. just a few (okay, kind of a lot) more tweaks here and there and she'll be burning rubber in no time.

i know some of you think we're crazy, but i'm telling you... when i'm the one cruisin' along those curvy canyon roads, blasting some DMB with the top off and wind blowing through my hair, you will be wishing you were with me. yes friends, it was a good day. the fun begins today. aawwww yeah.

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o charm said...

ba-yute is right.
and what about when i'm the one cruisin' past you on that canyon road, you sitting on the side of that road with the hood up, your hair then blowing in the wind from the rush of my car blazing past, and me turning to alex saying, "maybe we should go back and help that poor couple?" "nah. . . they're already way back there. . ."
just sayin'.

j/k linds. it's um, sweet.