Thursday, December 15, 2011

you would think it was christmas morning.... but it wasn't.

this little rascal seems to wake up earlier and earlier every dang day. this morning she was up and ready to go at 5:30am. 5:30am!!! seriously?! yep, seriously. she was knocking at our door, so we told her to go back to bed. and she went, crying all the way, but at least she went, and 10 minutes later was back again. once she's knocking on the door, it means she's been awake for a while and is up for the day. no going back to sleep. honestly.... it's like, all of a sudden with this new bed, she can miraculously run off 3 or 4 hours less sleep each day. she goes to bed later, she wakes up earlier than ever, AND if i'm lucky, i'll get an hour and half nap out of her during the day. where she used to go to bed at 7:30 and wake up at 7:30 with a 2-3 hour nap during the day, now we're asleep by 8:30, awake and ready to go by 6:30 (or earlier) and an hour nap in the middle. what the heck happened? she's still great about staying in bed and sleeping all the way through the night no problem - i'll give her credit, but i have to say, i kind of miss those longer naps and earlier nights. somehow that all changed, literally overnight.

5:30am.... little rascal.

enjoying breakfast this morning before leaving for the day. we may as well, since we've been UP FOR 2 HOURS ALREADY...!

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o charm said...

oh that beth, she's so nice to start getting you ready for what's ahead already. . . bless her heart.