Thursday, February 23, 2012

i'm calling it

it's been five days now. so i'm calling it.

hyde has started sleeping through the night.

now, by sleeping through the night i mean, 10 or 11 to 5. that's enough for me to consider it sleeping through the night, especially given he used to wake up every 2 or 3 hours. but all of sudden, one day this week, he just went 6 hours, then 7, then 7 again, and again. the little man has got it figured out. and thank goodness.

i realize i'm lucky to have a baby that goes that long this early. well... i'm not sure if it's luck or just the tender mercies of someone who knows that i am not at my best when i'm that tired. maybe a little bit of both. either way, i'll take it.

the irony is i'm still tired. rats.

as a complete afterthought.... i'd forgotten about the newborn crazy zombie arm thing. (it's amazing how much i'd forgotten about this tender age - and beth was here not that long ago. sheesh) you that thing where they make their fingers go all weird - like a mix of an arthritic geriatric and the wicked witch of the west? remember...? and they stretch their arms out wide and high as if reaching or grabbing for something...

poor little guy... feels so vulnerable. just makes me want to pick him up and hold him close and cuddle the little guy all day long.

man, i love this kid.

1 comment:

o charm said...

oh, he's so sweet. . .
makes me want a little baby :)
that second shot is great too, it totally captures the "newborn crazy zombie arm thing" which i actually love. can i borrow him for a couple weeks?
(now that he's sleeping through the night?)