Friday, May 17, 2013

hooray for summer

hallelujah to warm weather and sunshine and being able to play outside all day every day, which is exactly what we've doing all week. it has been so good for me and my physical and mental recovery. we bought a water toy for the kids on tuesday and they beg me to play in it everyday. so we do. even though it's a lot smaller than it looks on the box and is really more for toddlers than someone beth's age, they both love it and will let themselves be entertained for a whole afternoon by that thing and all the fun extras it comes with. it's also done a great job of watering our lawn without our having turned on the sprinklers yet. $30 well spent. i'm trying to talk hank into getting another one that's just a little bit bigger that will keep kids older than 5 entertained so that we can have fun swim parties and the adults can hang on the deck while kids get their soak on. still working on that one... for now, here are some photos from our fun new toy and playing outside.

cutest plumbers crack ever:

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