Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my husband the super hero

so this morning while i was in the shower (don't worry this is rated PG), i realized i was out of conditioner. the dread that consumed me was awful. ladies, and especially those of you with long hair, you can relate to this... the day is no good if you don't have conditioner. it's practically over. it doesn't mean we're high maintenance, it just means we're honest... so frantically i started yelling to the man who was still sleeping in the bedroom.
"hank?....... hank?!........ HANK!"
slowly the door opened and i humbly had to ask him if we would go see if we had any conditioner in the other bathroom.
(i was sure that we didn't, but i made him go check anyway, in which case if there wasn't i was going to make him run to the store while i stayed in the shower. not really, but i thought about it.)
i could see him stumble out of bed and into the hallway, being the good man that he is, to go and find me some conditioner. lo and behold, he came back with a bottle of conditioner from the other bathroom that never gets used, and i was filled with instant relief. i'm sure he didn't feel that way, but i was very grateful that i wouldn't have to go through my entire day with gross, tangly hair.
after profuse gratitude, and a sleepy "yes, dear" i finished my shower and went back to wake him up for his. well, he was still awake from when i woke him before which i'm sure he wasn't happy about, but man, what a good guy. i tried to explain to him the importance of conditioner to woman's hair so he could know how awesome he was, and i'm not sure that he really got it, but i am glad he's willing to be the kind of guy that will help me with it even though he's still in deep sleep and has at least 10 minutes to go. man, i'm lucky. thank you my super hero husband.
(stupid conditioner.....)


JaneH said...

WhAT A MAN...............

OnGod'sErrand said...

He'll appreciate it when he runs his fingers through your hair. There are just some things we can't do without, aren't there?