Monday, November 30, 2009


this weekend the man did his manly thing and put up the christmas lights on the house.
i know i've posted on this before, but it gets me too excited to not post about it. so sorry.
yes, it requires a harness... yes, our roof is that steep... and yes, he would go all
the way up to the very top if he could find a way to get up there.
(he's thinking about renting a boom lift next year)

and... some new additions this year,

and there you have it. the best looking house on the street.
(although, this picture really doesn't quite capture the magnificence of it in real life)

our crazy neighbor bill (/HOA president) even came over to tell us how good it looked and thanked us for spreading our christmas cheer. how nice of him. and then he asked me if i was nervous about hank climbing on the roof and i told him no because hank upped his life insurance. i don't think he thought that was very holiday-spirit filled.

but he did it again. hank successfully and officially got christmas kicked off at our house.
i am soooo excited! only 25 days left....


Mark said...

The house is beautiful...Merry Christmas.

JaneH said...

What a Guy....Looks like christmas.

christine said...

good job, guys! looks awesome!