Thursday, December 24, 2009

hello christmas eve

and thank you for being so beautiful this morning. especially after such a crappy yesterday.

it's been busy this last little while. so to recap, in the last 14 days i:

1. finally finished painting the baby room

2. spent the weekend with my sis and her awesome two girls and new little boy
we had such a blast...

(photos courtesy of my sis)

3. managed to save the last of my christmas shopping until one day before christmas eve... RIGHT when the snow storm of the century hit (okay, maybe not century... maybe just month, but it was still intense enough to make hank drive me around so i wouldn't have to)

4. successfully made an entire thanksgiving dinner to have with friends, complete with a deliciously fried turkey, cranberries, real mashed potatoes and the whole bit. an extension of the wonderful dinner spent with my family just weeks ago.

5. drove to grand junction and back in one day to pick up my new car. good bye vanna/horrible rear wheel drive/every possible thing that could break in the last week has/looks pretty and was actually a nice luxury car, and hello nameless tan beast/i LOVE 4-wheel drive/back seat rattles a bit/i can see everything! '05 explorer. you came at JUST the right time.
i am fearless in this thing. it has changed my life for good.

(a quick shout to my buddy tony for hooking us up. you rule big t)

6. got all presents wrapped, except one(which came in the mail late yesterday) while watching ernest saves christmas. talk about christmas comedy... it totally ranks up there with christmas vacation on the must-watch-every-year christmas movie list.

"Ahh, smell those Christmas trees. You can keep your 'Channel' Number 5, just give me a whiff of the old lonesome pine. That symbol of brotherly love, that centerpiece that all mankind gathers around to share the cranberry sauce shaped like a can."

"I am one with the Yuletide, know what I mean?"


7. cleaned half of my house spotlessly which was then dirty again the next day. SIGH.... and there's only two of us. i can't wait until there's 8 of us and i can make the kids do most of the work. (i'll also soon find out if hank reads this blog...)

8. drug hank all over tarnation to look at christmas lights on houses and businesses while blaring christmas music. one of my favorite things to do at christmas time. and ps: our street is for sure the best looking in the neighborhood. it makes me VERY jolly. and i'm proud to be a contributor.

9. made 8 million desserts for my work christmas party... 1/8th of which got eaten, leaving me with 7,032,684 to bring home. i have since gained about that many pounds.

10. and finally, landed an awesome advent calendar at a chicks-only christmas party during the white elephant gift exchange. she thought it was funny. i thought i made out. i've been wanting one of these FOREVER. to take place of my handmade paper chains, of course...
the man was stoked about that. and i was stoked. even though i only got to do the countdown for the last 6 days (this year), it's still awesome.

merry, merry to everyone.


Sarah M said...

love the pics, love the nursery. love the new car... what the. can't wait til you get home... it's basketball time!!! :)

TeamDall said...

cute nursery. Is it all the way done? Way to go sister! Also, I would like to say that "these snakes is paison." Know what I mean, Vern?

OnGod'sErrand said...

Beautiful pictures! and I love the nursery. Can't wait to see that crib full of your bundle of joy!