Saturday, April 10, 2010

the man

today we celebrated the man of the house.

complete with his favorite breakfast, stellar presents, an REI shopping spree (thanks Mary), and the most delicious cake on the planet, he declared this the best birthday ever.

he says that every year.

but this time i think he really meant it.

the only thing that sucks about his birthday is that i can never make fun of him for being old. no mean cards, no old man jokes...
because i am older than he is.
not by much, just 14 months, but he is sure to remind me of that often enough.


happy birthday big daddy. you're a wonderful husband
and an awesome dad.

you da' man.



OnGod'sErrand said...

Hope it was super fun day Hank!

Scott and Cortney said...

Was it his birthday the day we had dinner with you? If so, sorry we didn't know! Hope you guys had fun! It was great seeing you!


christine said...

Oh man, we are the worst brother and sister-in-law ever! Happy Birthday, Hank!! Glad you had such an awesome day!