Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 weeks

and on this, her 3 week birthday, i proudly announce my new love.

this is beth.

she is awesome. she is my life and i love it.

everything is different, everything has changed (including both hank and i) and we couldn't be happier. somehow our perspective has transformed completely - certain things that mattered before no longer do, and the important things became even more so. she has given our lives new purpose.

of course we think she's the most beautiful thing on the planet (and really, who could disagree?) and she fits to our lives perfectly.

i'm torn because i can't wait to see what her personality will be like, to watch her grow and see who she'll become, but at the same time i hold on to every moment for as long as i can - each is quick and fleeting, and i know these days of novelty and newness will not last forever. so I hold on as tight as i can for the time, taking in each minute as the very breath of life that it is.

she is beautiful. CONFESSION: sometimes i cry when i look at her because i am totally amazed and in awe of this perfect new life that's been entrusted to my care. and the crazy thing is that I made her! it's mind blowing to me. but it's awesome, and i have a new found understanding of a parent's love - pure and perfect, just like she is. i almost feel like i owe my parents an apology. i just hope they know how much i love them back.

hank is amazing with her and it's clear he's going to be a sucker for his little girl. somehow i knew that was coming. i love love LOVE to watch him with her. it's the greatest thing in world.

more updates to come i'm sure, and now that i'm home (and loving it, BTW) i can - and will - post more often. i've got the perfect reason to now...


JaneH said...

What a beautiful little baby girl....Little Beth..
What a beautiful Post....
I love the pictures and I love your comments. Even after these many many years I can still remember the wonderful feeling I had when I brought my first baby home from the hospital and I relized how much my life would change and how wonderful it would be, all because of that sweet little baby girl. Congratulations... Your a family now.

Circe said...

Linds-this is Circe...she is GORGEOUS! Congratulations! Girls rule (at least I think so cause that's all I've got :)

Sarah M said...

oh she could not be more perfect. i LOVE the pics. good good solid work. i love what you wrote. so true. it absolutely changes you - for the best. soak up minute of her.
thank you thank you thank you for your help, yesterday. i owe you so big time.

jen said...

so so cute!!
she so looks like hank, especially in that colored basket picture.
where are the pics of you?
congratulations again linds, enjoy every moment! but just remember, there will be more! :)

jordan said...

cutest thing ive ever seen, im so happy for you! have a great day!

jordan said...

nice pics linds

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! She is absolutely adorable!Your life will never be the same!

Pugs said...

OHHHHHHHHHH! How sweet! How is mama? COngrats you guys! Love ya!