Saturday, May 8, 2010

the best day and the worst day

man, time flies and i can't believe i haven't posted this yet. i can't believe i haven't posted a lot of things, but especially this. somehow i find my days filled up and i haven't had the chance to sit down and spend time here like i would like. seems like there's always something else to do.


last weekend we pumped up the volume a little bit and had a million people here to meet beth and see her/participate in her blessing. it was awesome. SUCH a great time, SUCH a great weekend (other than not having 70 degree weather for our scheduled bar-b-que at the park) and SUCH a cool experience.
and i have determined that yep, this is what life's all about. right here kids.

the fam.

and starting my own fam.

yes, i believe i was made for this. (i guess we all are, in a way).
so to share, some great pics from blessing day. the best day she's been here so far.

(that, and the day she smiled at me when i went to get her from her crib.
and don't argue with me that it was gas. i don't want to hear it.
she smiled at me, because of me. don't ruin it for me ok?)

big daddy and his little girl

a cool shot of the cutest neice ever, holding her new best friend. :)

my awesome bros and sis (minus my sister jen, whom of course we dearly missed... i guess living in russia is a good enough excuse not to come.)

and a cool four generation pic that i'm really glad we got, but need to do again - nice one mom. but we only got one, so this is the one that's getting posted. at least we all live close which will make getting the next one easier.

and my favorite of the day. i love, love, love our blossoming tree out front.
perfect background for such a great day.
nevermind that hank managed to change before this one got taken... that's not important.

and that sums up that.

the worst day came just two days later.


it was horrible. i made hank come and stand by her while they did it. but i still peeked. her face and cry was the worst EVER! i had given her tylenol an hour beforehand and i think it helped with her nap shortly after. but she was super sensitive the rest of the day. she didn't like to be moved or not held the whole rest of the day. (and thank you to the brocks for their patience during our lovely dinner that night).
i took pictures of the band-aids on her legs but for some reason my retarded computer can't read the files even though they are the same as every other picture i take with that camera. (ok, ANNOYING...)

so they may show themselves later. but i'm not sure how i feel about this whole
it's-going-to-hurt-worse-than-anything-on-the-planet-but-it's-for-your-own-good thing.
now, i realize that i just need to toughen up a bit and get over it, but it was still sad ok? no one likes to hear their child scream as they look up at you and say with their sad little eyes,
why are you letting them do this to me mom?

you feel like the worst parent ever.

but then the next day they're mostly over it, and it's all okay. but for that one day, let's be honest, it sucks. i really don't want to do it all over again in two months. and two more months after that. and four more after that.
my mom says it gets easier each time she goes in.

i really hope she's right.

ps: as a follow up? yes, she is still sleeping through the night. and it's heaven (said with a high-pitched singing voice)
sorry jen. maybe try my tricks...?


christine said...

love the pics, linds. i think i got a good one of the 4-generation, i'll have to e-mail it to ya. and sorry about the shots, i know it's lousy, but mom's right, it does get better :) thanks for letting us be a part of your special weekend, it was so fun to meet her!

TeamDall said...

Cute, cute, cute. Lucky little Beth.