Wednesday, May 12, 2010

deep breath

okay. here goes.
i'm publicly posting "a session."

i'm trying to get into doing paid photography and asked some friends if i could take pictures of their kids and luckily they accepted. so here is a slide show i put together of our time together. i've already gotten two referrals from them which rules, except i'm really nervous. i feel like i still have a really long way to go in learning and perfecting. a long way. it makes me nervous to charge people for it. but i guess the best way to get better is to keep doing it, right?

anyway, you'll have to pause the music on my playlist (to the right), but then you can watch the slideshow i made for them. tell me what you think! and be honest... i can take it. for reals.


TeamDall said...

please be my next door neighbor and cronicle my children's lives...please please please.

The Rasters said...

since Becca claimed you first to be her neighbor will you come visit me in Springville and take pictures of my kids? those were adorable!

Pugs said...

get job! What camera are you using?

o charm said...

linds, those are really really good!
looks like you got a career ahead of you!