Monday, June 21, 2010

in honor of daddy

i can't believe i haven't posted in a month... much longer than i meant to go before posting (and regretting it terribly - more on that later). time is flying by. it's crazy. it's making me feel old.

but i wanted to post today for two reasons. 1)because it's my second favorite day of the year and that makes me happy (the first day of summer and longest day of daylight), and 2)to celebrate all the dads on father's day.

especially the new ones.

us? we took it easy like a sunday morning. that's what hank wanted to do, so we did. took naps and hung out in the back yard, where i managed to catch a few priceless shots. baby loves her daddy!

to the best dad ever, we love you.

now outnumbered by women, you hardly get your way anymore and we want you to know that we know how hard that probably is for you and how much we appreciate it. you are really a good sport. there should be two father's days for dad just like you because you put up with so much.

but we think you're great. you're the coolest, funnest, raddest, (hottest), playfullest, tickliest dad out there and we couldn't ask for more. thank you for being the best dad on the planet - we love you for it.

happy father's day big daddy.


christine said...

precious photos. she is so beautiful!! happy father's day, hank!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Two charmers in one family!!! How did you get so lucky? We're so glad Hank's part of the family, he really is an awesome dad.