Monday, June 28, 2010

your sympathy please

back to my comment about regretting terribly the fact
that i had waited to post? indeed, i have some bad news.

one day while working on my computer i decided to edit the last couple pictures of my latest photo session - my dear friends, the larsons. i went to pull up their folder, but alas...
it was missing.

"that doesn't make any sense... i just had it up a couple hours ago."

no, literally, a couple hours ago. i tried again. nada.

then i realized, not only was i missing that folder, but my entire Pictures folder.

did you hear me friends? my ENTIRE pictures folder.

i searched and searched my computer - had i inadvertently moved it somewhere else? had i accidentally deleted it? nope, not in the recycle bin. the whole thing was gone. just up and disappeared. and i am talking thousands of photos. it was the craziest thing on the planet. the whole folder, gone. right off the drive. my external drive, i'll add. aren't those supposed to be crash proof? i'm kicking myself over and over. it's like gouging my eyes out with toothpicks. it's brutal.

so many wonderful pictures of beth, of hank and i, of trips and holidays, of our wonderful day to day life, of sessions i am using to build a portfolio, of... lots of things. gone. and i am kicking myself for not at least posting some of them 1) to have shared them with you - i had lots to share, i just got lazy, and 2) to be able to go back and save the ones posted so that i at least had those. and now, i am starting from scratch.

i am hoping by some miracle they can be salvaged - i'm still looking into it, but for now, i ask for your sympathy. please don't rub in how stupid it was that i didn't post any of them sooner. it would just be salt in the wound. instead, your regrets would be appreciated so i am not wallowing alone. i am so bummed out.

starting from scratch, and with promise (though i know i've done this before) to post more often.

rats. that's all i can say.


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OnGod'sErrand said...

Soooooooooo sad!!! I'll be happy to share what I've got, but of course there not near as good as your pictures.