Thursday, July 8, 2010

my friends, the larsons

a little while ago i had the pleasure of shooting my friends, the larsons.
(thank goodness theirs were some of few that i had saved to another computer...)
our time was short due to other time constraints and i was bummed because i was having a really good time and felt the juices flowing. they are such a photographic family!

a few pics from our time together.

thanks for letting me practice on you guys. i had such a good time with you. i will photograph you guys any day.

no, for reals. anytime, ok?


Sarah M said...

l.o.v.e. perfect. amazing. you did great. so did the larsons.

Todd and Wendy said...

Those are amazing Lindsay, We are NOT a photogenic family (maybe the girls are ;) but sheesh, those are awesome. You can take our pictures any day! :o)

TeamDall said...

dude, linds please move next door to me and chronicle my life. the end. amen.