Thursday, September 2, 2010

a question

do you ever just have weird days? for no real reason in particular... and not a bad day per se, it just feels different? well that was me today.

maybe because today felt like
fall. and i'm not quite ready for that. the morning was chilly - the first time it had been really chilly in a long, long time. the air was so crisp and cool and different than our beautiful 60+ degree summer mornings... a not-so-gentle reminder that this warm season is coming to a close. and i think that's what did it for me. different air, different feeling, different vibe ALL DAY.

don't get me wrong, i love the fall. football is in full swing, the colors can be astounding and gorgeous and in the middle of it, i'll tell you it's my favorite season. but i have been LOVING such warm, long and beautiful summer days and this tiny 2-day cold spell is messing it up. yes, i realize we'll be back in the 90's by sunday, i'm just sayin, it made my day feel weird. (hence, my original question: ever have a weird day for no obvious reason? it shouldn't be weird, it just kind of IS)

the sun seemed to come up so much later and set so much earlier than i remember it doing yesterday, and i guess i just got to thinking about how fast the summer has gone. and it was a good, good summer because we've been able to play outside with beth and
watch her grow and enjoy the sunshine with her and that has been awesome. but it has also felt a little bit empty - hank has literally worked like every weekend and we didn't get the chance to do so many of the things we said we would. and now it's almost over! we're not ready, we still have things to do: go camping, being first on the list.

well, alright. i suppose that's enough of that. i am overwhelmingly excited to see my family this weekend, get away from work for a bit and just chill with the people that matter the most. i'm especially stoked to see my SIL anj. haven't seen her for a long time. she is fantastic and even though we don't talk all that regularly, i totally dig her and love it when we do get to spend time together. she hasn't met beth yet and i can't wait to introduce them. yes, family just makes everything better and weird days not so weird :) i wish we could get together every weekend. just thinking about it makes me smile... and my day just a little less... weird feeling :)

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