Thursday, September 9, 2010

just as i suspected

a little bit of time with the fam, a lot of good laughs and bam. weird day blues are gone. that and it's back to 85 degrees again, making that transition into fall just a little bit smoother. we had the best time. between a rockies game where we got to sit on THE mile-high row, the taste of colorado, some good quein' (that's supposed to be short for bar-be-queing), visit to the wildlife refuge, a little bit of golf, some college football, bets won (jus, you still owe me dude), and the familiar sarcastic humor that comes all too naturally with the banner fam, there was no room for anything but laughter and fun. yes, good times had by all. well almost all. one of us was missing... a big bummer, and i missed her.
though she may not be all too disappointed, given her recent scenery.

my mother gave beth some watermelon to try this weekend and she loved it! i am still totally slacking on the solid food thing. we have done rice cereal a couple of times(see below), but the whole thing just makes me nervous because i have no clue what to give her and how much and when and she's not going to like anything at first so when do i determine that she really does hate something and stop forcing it down her throat...??? maybe a little dramatic, i know, but i am realizing how nice and convenient it has been to just be able to feed her anytime, anywhere with you know what. but after seeing how much she enjoyed the watermelon i am motivated to try a little harder and get her into new things (NOT soda, HANK).

anyway, here are some pics to tell the tale of our lovely weekend together.

some wildlife refuge photos...

and beth's reaction at 1 minute:

2 minutes:

and 4 minutes:

clearly she was thoroughly enthused :)

me and my sister chris taking pictures of each other with our phones. we are so cool.

my favorite from the weekend:

oh yeah, and two months and double our budget later, we also got to break this in with a solid family bar-be-que.
don't have any pics from the party unfortunately, but you can imagine. it was a perfect night, good food, some basketball... all around a great way to break it in.

soooooo happy it's finally done and we can enjoy it. especially the man. he worked on it practically every spare second that he wasn't at work. just a few more finishing touches to the landscaping and our yard is primo baby. and even though the summer is pretty much over, we are still planning parties galore.
well, at least i am. we'll see if they really happen.

good work there babe. it's amazing.

as was our weekend. an additional post on it tomorrow (hopefully...).

well, good game fam. let's please get together again soon. including you.


Katie said...

That is one NICE looking porch!

o charm said...

psh, who ME???
i was with you guys all day in spirit. seriously, i thought of all o ya'll all the time! glad to hear you had such a great time (in spite of my absence).
and that deck is rockin! what a champ, hank. promise you'll have a party on it next time i come?

Anonymous said...

Beth is adorable! I love the porch, good job!