Tuesday, October 5, 2010


this morning as i picked up beth from her crib i noticed she had dried up boogers spread all across her forehead. awesome, i thought to myself. her diaper was stinky and as i fed her i kept thinking, man, she needs a bath... but already running a good 20 minutes behind, it just wasn't going to happen this morning.

got the girl changed and dressed, grabbed my breakfast and were headed out the door when i realized i hadn't wiped those horrible crusties from her forehead. simultaneously, she decided to spit up everywhere. with a hefty sigh, i quickly grabbed the washcloth and cleaned her shirt, her hands, and my hands and again walked out the door with those blasted boogers on her head.

with her sitting on my lap as i drove her to our daycare mom's house (just A block away), i pulled the classic mom: licked my thumb and started to scrub down that forehead. finishing just as we pulled into the drive.
best mom ever. i know.

not all my of my mornings are quite like this. but a lot of them are....

little rascal.

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Katie said...

I love your new header! Beautiful.

I've had so many mornings like this. It only gets awesomer cause now it's times 4.