Monday, October 4, 2010

zoo day

again, i am super behind. a couple weekends ago while the man was out doing his man thing and finding a "yummy" antelope to bring back, beth and i took a trip to the zoo. she had no idea what she was looking at, what she was looking for or why any of us seemed to care so much that there were giant lions, polar bears, and rhinos just feet from our faces, but it didn't matter so much to me. i enjoyed every second of it. watching her watch everything but the animals with complete interest... trying to show her each one, hoping she might find some sort of wonder in it and show a piece of emotion, but to no avail... loving that i wasn't at work, but instead spending the full day with my favorite girl on a beautiful sunshiny september day. though he claims otherwise, hank totally missed out. who doesn't want to be part of their kid's first trip to the zoo? honestly....

we even got to feed the birds, right out of a little cup in our hands. notice that she could really care less. i guess i don't really blame her.

ps: sweetest video ever.

some of those pictures aren't bad considering they were all taken with my phone, right? some not so great ones too, but meh... last thing i'm worried about.

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Sarah M said...

love it. we'rea ll good moms. ruby took a bath last week. a bath. just one. but it was better than none.
beth gets cuter everyday. love that you went to the zoo just you and her. you really are the best mom ever.