Tuesday, November 9, 2010

down by the water

a few weeks ago i was driving by this private lake and saw a small beach, riddled with old fishing boats, canoes, and sailboats landed for the season.

"holy hannah" i thought to myself. "that would be the coolest place ever to take pictures."

the victims? the brock kids. suckers.

it actually worked out perfect. eliza and i had been trying to find a good time and place and this presented itself nicely for the occasion. the result:

good times down by the water.

thanks again for letting me drag you and your kids across the country for this friend, eliza. you and your kids r.u.l.e. :) let's do it again sometime...


Eliza Brock said...

Your the best I love love love the pics and have another referral coming your way :-) xoxo E

Pugs said...

Love those pics. What are you using for editing? Lightroom? PHotoshop ELements? OR the CS4? curious!