Sunday, November 7, 2010

the highchair

yes, we finally busted out the highchair. the highchair that cost us $5 at an estate sale that we fell in love with and had to have because it is classic and in awesome shape for being a good 30 years old (at least).

i was kind of worried that she would fall over in it and hurt herself on the metal bars, but she's totally fine and loves it. always has her foot pressed up against the bottom of the tray.

she ate and played in it for a while i made these lovelies:

definitely a childhood favorite! then hank took her up to get her ready for bed and i smiled as i heard all sorts of blubbering sounds coming from upstairs (that's hank blubbering his mouth against her tummy). he is such a good dad. i mean good.

i love it.

this little rascal is also getting so close to crawling. (have i said that before?) no, this time it's for reals. up on all fours, rocking a little bit... i know it's coming. and as excited as i am, i also know it means i have to be a little more watchful than i am now (but really not that much - she rolls all over tarnation now anyway), but we will definitely need to baby proof our house just a little bit. we still haven't done any of that. meh, we'll get around to it eventually. eventually is probably pretty soon though really.

okay so maybe i should have done it sooner.

little rascal....


Katie said...

Holy, that's an awesome chair! Congrats on your find. And those cookies look yummalicious!

The Rasters said...

Myles does the same thing in his highchair with his feet. I think it is because in the highchairs at restaurants he can put his feet up and scoot in the corner and chill. But not at home, so he spends his time with his feet on the bottom of the tray trying to push it off so he can relax!

o charm said...

ok, suuuuuper cool high chair. and you don't understand, i've searched high and low, under and above, around, over and through for a high chair that i liked. i finally found a wooden one at a restaurant at the peterhof palace in st. petersburg! but where was i ever to find it for purchase? (trust me, i offered to buy it off them!) i had a cool wooden one in new york, also ripped out of a garbage pile (thanks to my friends), but finally i resorted to buying a plastic chicco, because, well, this is russia, and you can't find cool second hand stuff. good on you, you picked good. that metal tray is as cool as it gets.
(and i'm sorry, i've already forgotten, what time were you dropping off some cookies?)