Monday, November 1, 2010

what the...

...october is over! holy cow. time seems to get faster by the minute. what a good month though. we made caramel apples, got some good golfing in with my dad, enjoyed the great weather (other than that one cruddy, windy week), did the pumpkin patch thing, went to the Halloween party, 'qued up some good meals, and of course watched the broncos get slaughtered. we did get a halloween costume for beth and even though we didn't go trick or treating, it was still fun to do something to celebrate her first halloween. oh, and our jack o lantern display? awesome. totally the best ones on the street.

they're kind of hard to see, i know. so i'll break it down for you.

(little bit of blur there... sorry)

hank was most proud of this guy. he looked really cool in the pitch black all lit up:

beth had her own little jack:

and check out her costume:

love the expression on her face and the fact that she munched on the candy wrapper for a good 40 minutes.

perfect right? even glows in the dark, and it's just like a onesie so she doesn't even know she's dressed up. all those fluffy, bulky costumes for babies... totally wrong. i mean, if they're not even going to get candy out of it, at least let them be comfortable for crying out loud. (sorry to everyone who dressed up the baby as a pumpkin or monkey or something crazy like that. just sayin... this one was easy and festive.) we'll probably do the same thing next year.

beth has become so curious. or maybe she has been and i just haven't noticed. she likes to see everything that's going on. doesn't want to miss a thing. tonight i was feeding her and hank was taking care of the trick or treaters that came to the door. and every time the doorbell rang and she heard voices talking she would stop and crank her head and scramble to see what was going on that she was missing. we'd have to wait for hank to finish and come and sit back down before she would start eating again. it's fun to watch her eyes as we go places... they are always big and attentive, moving quickly from one thing to the next as she takes everything in.

she's starting to figure out the crawling thing. she lifts one side of her body up, puts it down, lifts the other side up and puts it down... she does this a couple times and then realizes that she can roll a lot faster to get where she wants to go and just does that instead. she rolls with the best of them for sure.

recently, though, i have found myself asking the same question over and over about this little girl, wonderful as she is.

how can so much poop come out of a person so little?!

crazy. like... crazy. so much! (and i know i'm not the only to think this in their lifetime). and man it gets stinkier by the day. all those crazy new solids we're trying out, i guess. at least she eats them though. she really does eat like a champ. first bite surprises her a little bit - she never knows what she's going to get. but after the initial surprise she scarfs and doesn't seem to have any reservations at all about what you give her. she eats everything. it's awesome.

and now we begin another month and look toward thanksgiving. (is it bad that i literally live my life from one fun thing to the next?) we are heading into the season of coziness, quality time with family, and gorging on delicious food. sweet.

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can't believe you're still in bare feet and shorts. . .