Tuesday, December 14, 2010

meet dean

nope, not my dad. not this time. this is new dean. just arrived dean. who came to my sweet SIL kate and her husband on december 3. he's the whole reason we went to utah. we had to meet him! here are some pics of this new little guy...

this one is my favorite....

check out his awesome blue eyes.

and i LOVE this photo. she put her hand on him to soothe him and keep him calm while we took photos. the second she did he totally mellowed out and calmed down. i LOVE this photo.

welcome to the world dean. we can't wait to watch you grow.


Kate said...

Lindsay I LOVE them!!!!
You are awesome:)

Sarah M said...

friend, these are AWESOME!
After the holidays we are getting together. We can't let Hank be right... we will still hang all the time. sorry i've been mia. after the new year things will slow down... hopefully.