Friday, December 10, 2010

road trippin'

we made the 10 hour drive to southern utah for a long weekend. little nervous about the drive with beth but she was such a champ. went 4 hours the first day which she slept about half of (but was great the rest of the time), and drove the remaining 6 hours the next day, of which she slept 4 hours of. it was awesome. we'll see how she does on sunday when we make the drive all in one day. in ski traffic. on I-70. blagh.
she really has been a total sport.

haven't made this drive in a long time, but as we went it brought back a lot of memories. back in the day when cedar city was my stomping ground i drove that route home and back probably a hundred times. the landscape was so familiar and i remembered so many landmarks and checkpoints and could tell you pretty close how much longer to get home (or to the next town) from just about any given point along the way.

can't tell you how many times i just wanted to go home, so jumped in the car and made the drive late on thursday night, coasting into town on fumes and pennies, with a good mom who'd give me money for gas to make it back on sunday.

we are here to meet our new nephew and cousin, dean. he is the CUTEST new baby boy ever. he really is. so small and perfect. and so exciting. pictures of this new little guy to come soon.

and this picture did not come from this trip, but i am posting it anyway because i think it's a great picture. we were at lowe's the other night and they had this guy on display that of course we had to try out. of course!

let me tell you, it was the hit of the day. this little girl loved this car... we pushed her around the store in the car and got the wheels all dirty (apparently we were the only ones who thought "display" really meant "free sample"). she really thought it was the greatest thing ever and i thought it was a good investment, but hank thought it was too big and didn't want to store it and "where would we use it?" the zoo! i replied. not a good enough answer i guess because we walked away empty handed.

it was fun while it lasted.
but we'll be back.

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