Thursday, January 27, 2011


you guys, look.

this picture is significant, not because it's the most beautiful sunset on the earth (though it isn't bad), but because i took this photo at 5:19 on my way home from work.

there was still light outside on my way home from work. do you know how huge that is? i breathed in, smiled, and watched the sun fall behind the mountains the entire drive home. so excited that i got to see the light fade.

it's been a while. a long while.

we are entering a new phase. light on the way home from work means we are getting closer to being able to take beth for walks in the evening before bed, grilling out on deck, taking bike rides after work, and lazy parties in the backyard.

i know it's only january, but these are the things i look forward to. those wonderful days of spring are only getting closer and closer. with sixty degrees today, i am hoping we'll see a few more warm days this winter as the light stays longer.

and if it does?
we'll be golden.

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o charm said...

"la la la, i can't hear you, la la la, i can't hear you"