Monday, July 11, 2011

a little bit of a lot

if you want great pictures of a messy toddler, give them nutella.

classic. i love it.

my posts seem to be few and far between these days. the last few weeks have been long days at work, and long nights of work at home intermingled with a few fun things here and there. like the 4th of july. we had a really good 4th of july. we had some friends from hanks hotel over for a barbeque - complete with store bought potato salad, a flag-cake, and semi-cool/semi-lame fireworks that we set off our basketball court in the backyard. i even bought red, white and blue (deep purple) flowers for the flower bed in my front yard. it was very festive. then we all packed ourselves in and drove down to the lake for a really good fireworks show of which beth could've cared less after about 5 minutes. she liked all the glow necklaces and bracelets better.

we've also been eating large lately. explanation: at the beginning of the year hank and a buddy started this bet - whoever lost the most weight by july 1st, had to buy the other (and significant other) dinner, up to $200. they started out at very similar weights, and are very similar builds, so it works. well, hank was killin it at first and the other guy got scared. real scared. so he paid a nutritionist to help him out and went on this crazy diet. meanwhile, hank was doing it all by himself, and with the support of his self-proclaimed nutritionist wife. still doing well, but now the other guy pulls ahead. 2 weeks to go. hank is welcomed to the under-200 club. 1 week to go and down the wire. the other guy is ahead by 3 pounds (they would weigh and share everyday). hank gets extreme with diet. last day: hank eats nothing and sits in a sauna for 3 hours to sweat it out. weigh in day: hank wins by 1.5 pounds!!!!! and other guy is shocked. hank and i are stoked. and have since been eating not-so-great. the other night we went to old chicago where hank got nachos and i had a calzone and afterwards on the way home we got dairy queen. terrible, but DELICIOUS! hank is still under 200, has lost over 40 pounds and looks AMAZING. i am really proud of him. and he feels good. and it's awesome. i will post a picture soon. but he got really tired of eating so well for so long that he is splurging a little bit now. and i admit that i'm right there with him. but just for a little bit...

the sunsets have been so amazing lately. the clouds have been just right to make for a myriad of gorgeous colors across the sky that seem to last longer than usual. i am particularly appreciative of tonights - i've been watching it out the back window as i write... it was a long, long day.

it was nice to come home to beth who smiled and laughed with me in the evening, and the man who patiently listened and then said all the right things. including "what do you need right now?" (and.... melt.) best possible question ever. best husband ever. things with work should slow down a bit tomorrow. i am looking forward to the break for a while...

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