Saturday, July 16, 2011

stellar afternoon

i went with my good friend sarah to the beach yesterday - it was fantastic. the water was warm enough for the kids (and for me), but it was hot enough outside that it was still refreshing, it wasn't over-crowded with a million people, and the girls had a blast playing together. a stellar way to spend the afternoon. some favorites from the day...

a new place for us, and i will definitely be back.

in other news, beth continues to get bigger and with that come new phases and stages. pros and cons of our current phase:

pro: she is much better at giving kisses than she ever has been
pro: she loves the water - especially natural water and will swim and play in it all day long
con: she is becoming a very picky eater
con: she still screams whenever you tell her no
pro:her vocabulary has expanded. i'm proud to announce that "no" is no longer the only word she knows. we now recognize thank you, milk, puppy, uh-oh (of course), yucky, and most recently, daddy. that one is the best one. she yells it when he gets home and smiles really big and it is so heart-warming
pro: she is very independent
con: she is very independent
pro: she loves slides and playing on the big kid playgrounds, especially now that she can climb just about anything
pro: she has become a really good cuddler
con: she has major separation anxiety - from whoever she's been with for the last hour. she cries and clings to me when i drop her off at daycare, and then kicks and screams when i pick her up. not sure how i feel about it... neither one is easy.

but i love the girl. she becomes a bigger handful everyday, but as a wise woman once said "well, that's growth. they're learning independence."

i guess we are all learning as we go...

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Sarah M said...

yay! i sm so glad we did that. i felt bad that i totally ditched you at the end. i am a nap nazi (as you know) so i was freaking out when it was almost 4 without naps... and then we got home and it's like the window of opportunity passed and neither girl would sleep (con: i needed a break; pro: they were BOTH asleep at 6:30!). thanks for coming, friend, i love that it's so easy with you. you rock. so does beth.
love the pics. they make me happy. i'm surprised my sandy bum didn't make your favorites. but glad my makeup did. :)