Thursday, February 4, 2010


to some, these might just be apples.

to me, it represents awesomeness.

an awesome trip to mexico, an awesome find on the inexpensive paintings,
an awesome man to build the box frame around them,
and the same awesome man to finally get the whole thing hung 3 months later.

and i LOVE it!!!!

it's perfect for my kitchen, and i am SO stoked to finally have them
hanging on my wall instead of sitting on my dining room floor.

it makes me want to eat apples.

fuji apples.

on a side note: i am officially an outie.

i can't decide if this is awesome or not.

in a way, it means she's coming soon.
but on the other hand, oh man.... she's coming soon.

ps: for those of you wondering, sorry - still no name,
(though we do have a short list).
i'll keep you updated.

and no, no other melt downs. in fact, i'm doing much, much better.
thanks to all who gave such great advice and encouragement.
i'm sure i'll be back for more. :)

4 weeks, 3 days and counting.....


Pugs said...

yahoo! hang in there! love the healthly belly!

OnGod'sErrand said...

What a beautiful wall! And even more beautiful tummy! both are round, smooth and fabulous!

jen said...

oh, cute belly!!!
and the outie? mine never went away. . .

Stacey said...

Hi there!! Need baby updates!!! Saw the "album" Hank sent!!!! She is soo adorable!!