Thursday, September 23, 2010

good times and irritation

not last weekend but the one before that (yes, that's how far behind i am), we drove over to horsetooth reservoir to spend the afternoon. perfect weather, beautiful sun,and the whole beach all to ourselves. marley got some much needed exercise and mama got some much needed fresh air.

ahhhh, joy.

and while i'm at it, i'd also like to include a little something for Yahoo.

dear Yahoo,

i just wanted to tell you how
annoyed i am with your website and customer service. first of all, somebody hacked into my email and is sending viagra ads to my friends and family. clearly, this is not something i would do - i try to pretend i don't even know what that is! and i'm sure my friends and family would really appreciate it if i closed my account so they wouldn't get those lovely emails from me anymore. so after searching every nook and cranny of your website i finally found out how to close my account. however, i also realized that i use that email to log in to several different programs. your fantasy sports program included. and after looking for 2 hours (no exaggeration) i could not find a way to change my log in so that i could still use this program, as i thoroughly enjoy it, but be able to log in with a different username. so i did the smart thing and emailed your customer service department to ask them how. i got a very quick response, however it was automated and offered several links on how to fix various common problems, none of which pertained to my issue. did you even read my email? i'm not a total idiot - i had already looked through all of those links and couldn't find the answer to my question - that is why i emailed you! at the end of this ever-so-personal automated email you promised that if i wrote you back and told you that none of those links worked, that you would get back to me with the correct solution within 24 hours. well that was 68 hours ago friends and i still have not heard from you. can you understand my frustration? i want to play your stupid online sport games but i cannot keep letting my friends and family get viagra ads from "me". entirely unacceptable! i am begging you to please write me back and tell me you have a solution to my problem. surely i am not the first person who's wanted to change their log in id in your fantasy football program. i mean, come on... as a faithful subscriber of yahoo for over 10 years i have to say that i am disappointed. i expected better than this from you Yahoo (not to be mistaken with yahoos!). please reply to me soon. and while you're at it, please do me the favor of exceeding my expectations in some form or another. maybe you could send an email to everyone in my contact list who has gotten another crap email while i've been waiting for you to respond. but i'll leave it up to you to decide how.

at this point,regretfully and very impatiently yours,


o charm said...

two suggestions:
1) forget yahoo and go to gmail like you should have done years ago.
2) quit playing "stupid online sport games"!

i'm just sayin. . . !!!

like, i don't know if i'm partial or it's just cause she's my niece or something, but beth is so darn cute!!!
oh, i mean, it must be your great photography, . .

Sarah M said...

Love the pics and if you change your yahoo password the hackers can't access again (or so I've been told). Sorry for giving you the bug... My bad. At least your was Viagra, no one would think you actually sent it. Mine was about losing weight with some berry so everyone thought I was sending subtle hints. Grrrrrrr... And then to add to MY yahoo frustrationevery email I attempted to send to all my contacts bounced back. Hate yahoo.